domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

To be vegan or vegeterian makes you better practising sex, can let your parner K.O.

The number of vegan/vegetarian guys worldwide is increasing, but they do not know the erotic consequences. Due to these consequences, the partners of these people are suffering an epidemic called BWVAKTBOOM "Boyfriend went vegan and Knocked the Bottom out of me". This is what an ad published by an animal's association called PETA said to attempt to attract guys to be vegetarians or vegans.

The campaign contains a video, but also contains some councils to avoid the consequences of this "epidemic", such as using condoms with ultra strong, staying hydrated, and securing objects from falling off the wall.

The argument of the publishers is based in the fact that the vegan diet reduce the impotence possibilities, because according to the Erectile Dysfunction Institute, 90% of impotence cases are related with cholesterol diabetes and obesity --- conditions treatable with a vegan diet.

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