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Eco-sex (sex related with ecology)

In these past years, people have been talking about pollution and their effects on earth, about acid rain and how icebergs are falling down.  

These facts are the consequence of the humans’ irresponsibility. Luckily, ecological consciousness are making extra efforts to be imposed .
Tireless environmentalists are always thinking “How can I make my life more ecological? We can change our alimentation, our manner of dress, and our modes of transportation, but how can we be more ecological when it comes to sex?

Sex is a taboo topic to be spoken in public places, but it’s really important in our lives. Sex impacts the earth, just like what we eat or the clothes we wear.” That is what Jacob Gordon, specialist at “ecologic sex” explains at TreeHugger.com, a website that proposes new environmental trends, with a modern point of view, which includes concepts related with design and fashion.

To have an ecologic sex life includes many facts. Reproduction is one which has more impact to environment. People have to be prudent having sons. Humans have tripled the lasts 70 years, and sure that we are going to be more than nine billion in the year 2050.

In Europe, Greenpeace made a list of different methods to be a bomb in the bed without damaging our planet:

-To switch off the lights to not waste electricity while we are practicing sex.
-To not use sexual lubricant, these lubricants are very toxic to the environment, it’s better to use others natural products like butter or oil.

- To spend water is other environmental problem, many times water is affected by pollution, also shortage, and all of us know that nothing is more exciting than to have shower in pairs.

- We can also talk about condoms because latex condoms are not biodegradable, but it is the only way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Of course, women can increase sexual pleasure using some sexual toys but in most cases, the material of these erotic toys are really toxic and it is not good for our planet and also for our health! Luckily we have a solution for all these kinds of problems. The industry of ecologic sex toys designed many erotic toys made by glass and steel, just because are healthier for us.
It is also recommended to try fruit like a banana or melon (just make a hole the size you need each), or some vegetables, including carrots and cucumbers which are the most popular that resemble the shape of a penis.


Celia, a sexologist, says “It is OK to use some vegetables to get out of routine, but they Volíeu dir: en la mayoria de las cosas
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must be used with condoms and lubricant because some roll back. It is always preferable to use vegetables than toys with batteries such as vibrators which shake a lot and makes some people reach orgasm easily but then they get so used to the vibration that they have trouble reaching orgasm when they are with people. "

As for the linen and underwear, there are all kinds of sexy options such as bamboo or organic cotton. Another ecological order forces to avoid the consumption of oysters as an aphrodisiac, to collaborate in the preservation of the aquatic ecosystem. But, yes, chocolate, celery, nuts, fruits (especially the red ones), figs – split a certain way to obtain a similar form to that of the vagina of a woman - and organic wine are allowed. A warning from the environmental organization advises to the most daring, who enjoy having sex in gardens, to not use pesticides or fertilizers since resting the naked bodies on plants can cause swelling and itching.

"The people who decide to implement the ecological sex, realize, in most cases, that an ecological life is a better life ", summarizes Gordon and adheres to the last one of the advices that exists in the list of Greenpeace: "Make love, not war ".

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